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    Harassment of clinical psychologists by clients
    (Edwin Mellen Press, 2000) ;
    In this survey conducted in 1997 and 1998 it was found that over two thirds of 137 clinical psychologists working in Irish Health Boards and Voluntary Bodies had experienced at least one sexual, physical and verbal potentially negative interaction with a client. The frequency with which particular negative interactions occurred differed across specialities. Seeking support from colleagues, addressing the issues raised by the negative interaction with the client, and taking self-protective measures were the most commonly used problem-solving coping strategies. Reframing negative interactions as therapeutic issues rather than sexual, physical or verbal aggression was the most common reappraisal strategy. Problem-solving based coping strategies were perceived to be the most effective. Negative interactions with clients and harassment by clients were unrelated to clinical psychologists stress levels as assessed by the GHQ-28.