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    Water pricing in Ireland: A techno-economic and political assessment
    (Taylor & Francis, 2012-04-13) ;
    Ireland is one of a very small number of countries in the world which do not charge for domestic drinking water supply. Recent developments have indicated that the reintroduction of domestic charges in Ireland is being planned. Ireland has a daily average water usage per person of around 150 litres and an increasing demand for clean water reserves and talks of imminent water metering and charges. This paper investigates the current status of water resources and water supply in Ireland, and assesses the technical, economic and political challenges involved with the reintroduction of domestic water charges accompanied by the implementation of a domestic metering programme. The study highlights the need for a system of water charging and metering in Ireland to ensure more careful management of water resources, to promote more sustainable use of water, and to provide a more stable revenue stream for local authorities.
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