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8-May-2013All or Nothing : protein complexes flip essentiality between distantly related eukaryotesRyan, Colm J.Krogan, Nevan J.Cunningham, PádraigCagney, Gerard
13-Dec-2016ATR inhibitors as a synthetic lethal therapy for tumours deficient in ARID1AWilliamson, Chris T.Miller, RowanPemberton, Helen N.Jones, Samuel E.Campbell, JamesKonde, AshaBadham, NicholasRafiq, RumanaBrough, RachelGulati, AditiRyan, Colm J.Francis, JeffVermulen, Peter B.Reynolds, Andrew R.Reaper, Philip M.Pollard, John R.Ashworth, AlanLord, Christopher J.
24-Jan-2020Extensive rewiring of the EGFR network in colorectal cancer cells expressing transforming levels of KRAS G13DKennedy, Susan A.Jarboui, Mohamed-AliSrihari, SriganeshRaso, CinziaCharitou, TheodosiaHerrera-Montavez, CarlosKrstic, AleksandarMatallanas, DavidKiel, ChristinaRauch, NoraRukhlenko, Oleksii S.Kholodenko, Boris N.Iglesias-Martinez, Luis F.Ryan, Colm J.Pilkington, RuthKolch, Walteret al.
31-Mar-2015Genetic Interaction Mapping Reveals a Role for the SWI/SNF Nucleosome Remodeler in Sploceosome Activation in Fission YeastPatrick, Kristin L.Ryan, Colm J.Xu, Jieweiet al.
21-Feb-2015Genome-wide epistatic expression quantitative trait loci discovery in four human tissues reveals the importance of local chromosomal interactions governing gene expressionFitzpatrick, Darren J.Ryan, Colm J.Shah, NaishaGreene, DerekMolony, ClionaShields, Denis C.
Jun-2012Hierarchical Modularity and the Evolution of Genetic Interactomes across SpeciesRyan, Colm J.Roguev, AssenPatrick, KristinGreene, DerekCunningham, PádraigCagney, Gerardet al.
15-Mar-2016Large-Scale Profiling of Kinase Dependencies in Cancer Cell LinesCampbell, JamesRyan, Colm J.Brough, Rachelet al.
Jun-2013Systematic triple-mutant analysis uncovers functional connectivity between pathways involved in chromosome regulationHaber, James E.Braberg, HannesWu, QiuqinRyan, Colm al.