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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Nov-2008Additional sampling criterion for the linear canonical transformHealy, John J.Hennelly, Bryan M.Sheridan, John T.
1-Apr-2002Adjusted intensity nonlocal diffusion model of photopolymer grating formationLawrence, Justin R.O'Neill, Feidhlim T.Sheridan, John T.
1-Mar-2009Analysis of the photo-absorptive behavior of two different photosensitizers in a photopolymer materialLiu, ShuiGleeson, M. R.Sheridan, John T.
11-Aug-2003Angular responses of the first and second diffracted orders in transmission diffraction grating recorded on photopolymer materialNeipp, CristianBeléndez, A.Gallego, SergiOrtuño, M.Pascual, I.Sheridan, John T.
10-Oct-2006The approximate model for holographic grating formation in photopolymersClose, Ciara E.Gleeson, M. R.Kelly, John V.Sheridan, John T.
1-Jun-1994Binary blazed reflection gratingsCollischon, M.Haidner, H.Kipfer, P.Lang, A.Sheridan, John T.Schwider, J.Streibl, N.Lindolf, J.
1-Feb-2008Cases where the linear canonical transform of a signal has compact support or is band-limitedHealy, John J.Sheridan, John T.
Jul-2011Characterising dye-sensitised solar cellsTobin, Laura L.O'Reilly, ThomasZerulla, DominicSheridan, John T.
3-Aug-2009Characterising dye-sensitized solar cellsTobin, Laura L.O'Reilly, ThomasZerulla, DominicSheridan, John T.
16-Sep-2009Characterizing and designing photopolymer materialsSheridan, John T.
14-Jun-2017The choice of optical system is critical for the security of double random phase encryption systemsMuniraj, InbarasanGuo, ChangliangMalallah, Ra'edCassidy, DerekZhao, LiangRyle, James P.Healy, John J.Sheridan, John T.
1-Apr-1993Coherent imaging of periodic thick fine isolated structuresSheridan, John T.Sheppard, Colin
1-Feb-2002Comparison of holographic photopolymer materials by use of analytic nonlocal diffusion modelsO'Neill, Feidhlim T.Lawrence, Justin R.Sheridan, John T.
11-Apr-2010Comparison of Laplacian differential reconstruction of inline holograms recorded at two different wavelengths and distancesRyle, James P.Li, DayanSheridan, John T.
27-Apr-2017Constraints to solve parallelogram grid problems in 2D non separable linear canonical transformZhao, LiangHealy, John J.Muniraj, InbarasanCui, Xiao-GuangMalallah, Ra'edRyle, James P.Sheridan, John T.
1-Dec-2007Controlling speckle using lenses and free spaceKelly, Damien P.Ward, Jennifer E.Gopinathan, UnnikrishnanSheridan, John T.
15-Apr-2010Cross terms of the Wigner distribution function and aliasing in numerical simulations of paraxial optical systemsHealy, John J.Rhodes, William T.Sheridan, John T.
1-Aug-2007Cryptanalysis of optical security systems with significant output imagesSitu, GuohaiGopinathan, UnnikrishnanMonaghan, David S.Sheridan, John T.
1-Aug-1993Dielectric binary blazed gratingsHaidner, H.Sheridan, John T.Streibl, N.
1-Sep-1992Diffraction by volume gratings : approximate solution in terms of boundary diffraction coefficientsSheridan, John T.Solymar, L. (Laszlo)