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29-Nov-2017A concise flow synthesis of indole-3-carboxylic ester and its derivatisation to an auxin mimicBaumann, MarcusBaxendale, Ian R.Deplante, Fabien
15-Jan-2020Continuous flow photochemistry for the preparation of bioactive moleculesDi Filippo, MaraBracken, CormacBaumann, Marcus
22-Oct-2020Continuous Flow Synthesis of Quinolines via a Scalable Tandem Photoisomerization-Cyclization ProcessDi Filippo, MaraBaumann, Marcus
13-Jan-2020Development of a Continuous Flow Photoisomerization Reaction Converting Isoxazoles into Diverse Oxazole ProductsBracken, CormacBaumann, Marcus
10-Oct-2019Development of a Telescoped Flow Process for the Safe and Effective Generation of Propargylic AminesDonnelly, KianZhang, HuanBaumann, Marcus
15-Feb-2018Diastereoselective Synthesis and Diversification of Highly Functionalized CyclopentanonesBaumann, MarcusBaxendale, Ian R.
31-Jul-2018Integrating continuous flow synthesis with in-line analysis and data generationBaumann, Marcus
10-Jan-2020A Perspective on Continuous Flow Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical IndustryBaumann, MarcusMoody, Thomas S.Smyth, MeganWharry, Scott
18-Sep-2020A Scalable Continuous Photochemical Process for the Generation of AminopropylsulfonesBaumann, MarcusDi Filippo, MaraBonciolini, Stefano
17-Mar-2020Synthesis of Bioderived Cinnolines and Their Flow-Based Conversion into 1,4-Dihydrocinnoline DerivativesDevlin, JonathanClogher, RichardBaumann, Marcus
7-Nov-2018Unprecedented Alkene Transposition in Phthalate-Amino Acid AdductsSaha, IshikaBaxendale, Ian R.Baumann, Marcus