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Apr-2010Being subject to the rule to do what the rules tell you to doStout, Rowland
10-Jul-2015Following Maslow - an outline theory of motivation for the individual firmScally, Kevin; Kavanagh, Donncha
3-Jun-2015Liveness Through the Lens of Agency and CausalityBerthaut, Florent; Coyle, David; Moore, James W.; Limerick, Hannah
Sep-2009Mobilising capitals? Migrant children's negotiation of their everyday lives in schoolDevine, Dympna
15-Jul-2016Reforming the Westminster Model of Agency Governance: Britain and Ireland after the CrisisDommett, Kate; MacCarthaigh, Muiris; Hardiman, Niamh
12-Jun-2007There‚Äôs no such thing as a free lunch : altruistic parents and the response of household food expenditures to nutrition program reformsBingley, Paul; Walker, Ian
Nov-2007Two ways to understand causality in agencyStout, Rowland
Jun-2004XI-Internalising practical reasonsStout, Rowland