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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2012Back to school: An Application of human capital theory for mature workersJepsen, ChristopherMontgomery, Mark
Dec-2019Back to school: Labor-market returns to higher vocational schoolingBöckerman, PetriHaapanen, MikaJepsen, Christopher
Oct-2010Back to the future - decomposition analysis of distributive policies using behavioural simulationsBargain, Olivier
16-Sep-2019Background Knowledge Injection for Interpretable Sequence ClassificationGsponer, SeverinCostabello, LucaVan, Chan LeIfrim, Georgianaet al.
2012Backyard, John Dillon Street, Dublin 8Cody, Peter
15-Oct-2014Bacterial adhesion onto nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes: Effect of permeate fluxCorreia-Semião, Andrea Joana C.Habimana, OlivierCasey, Eoin
Jun-2019Bacterial Cholangitis in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney and Liver DiseaseMartin, William P.Vaughan, Lisa E.Yoshida, Kotaroet al.
2007Bacterial defluorination of 4-fluoroglutamic acidDonnelly, ClárMurphy, Cormac D.
29-Nov-2017Bacterial endosymbionts influence host sexuality and reveal reproductive genes of early divergent fungiMondo, Stephen J.Lastovetsky, Olga A.Gaspar, Maria al.
Nov-2011Bacterial production of hydroxylated and amidated metabolites of flurbiprofenBright, Tara V.Clark, Benjamin R.O'Brien, EimearMurphy, Cormac D.
Jun-2017Bad Neighbors? How co-located Chinese and World Bank Development Projects Impact Local Corruption in TanzaniaBrazys, SamuelElkink, Johan A.Kelly, Gina
Feb-1992Badgers and bovine tuberculosisDolan, Leonard A.Lynch, Kevin
20-Mar-2018BAG3 promotes tumour cell proliferation by regulating EGFR signal transduction pathways in triple negative breast cancerShields, SarahConroy, EmerO'Grady, TonyMcGoldrick, AloysiusDempsey, EugeneReilly, RebeccaFan, YueMatallanas, DavidMcCann, AmandaGallagher, William M.Coppinger, Judith al.
May-2013The Bailey chain and mock theta functionsLovejoy, JeremyOsburn, Robert
24-Oct-2009Bailigh: Low Power Cross-Layer Data Gathering Protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksBober, WojciechBleakley, Chris J.
20-Aug-2014BailighPulse: A Low Duty Cycle Data Gathering Protocol For Mostly-Off Wireless Sensor NetworksBober, WojciechBleakley, Chris J.
May-2014Balance failure in single limb stance due to ankle sprain injury: An analysis of center of pressure using the fractal dimension methodDoherty, CailbheBleakley, Chris J.Hertel, JayCaulfield, BrianRyan, JohnDelahunt, Eamonn
5-Dec-2000Balanced growth revisited : a two-sector model of economic growthWhelan, Karl
8-Mar-2018Ballistic ActionStout, Rowland
Apr-2012Ballot order effects : an analysis of Irish general electionsRegan, John