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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Sep-20203D Printing of Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites Using Fused Filament Fabrication—A ReviewDickson, Andrew N.Abourayana, Hisham M.Dowling, Denis P.
Feb-2019The Active Electrode in the Living Brain: The Response of the Brain Parenchyma to Chronically Implanted Deep Brain Stimulation ElectrodesEvers, JudithLowery, Madeleine M.
31-Mar-2022The AIM Restorative Practice and Harmful Sexual Behaviour Assessment Framework and Practice GuidanceKeenan, Marie
2015Beside The Sea. Reviewed Work: Where Land Meets Sea: Coastal Explorations of Landscape, Representation and Spatial Experience by Anna RyanLaheen, Mary
26-Jun-2019Book Review - Kieran Healy, Data Visualization: A Practical IntroductionCuffe, Paul
Jun-2013Book review : Housing Law and Policy, by David CowanThornton, Liam
Jul-2009Book review : Information literacy meets library 2.0Stokes, Diarmuid
Nov-2014Book Review of 'The Metropolitan Revolution, How Cities and Metros are fixing our Broken Policies and Fragile Economy'Fitzpatrick, Miriam
1999Book review of D. Wiger (1997). The clinical documentation sourcebook: A comprehensive collection of mental health records of practice forms, handouts and records. Chichester: WileyCarr, Alan
2001Book review of J. Green & W. Yule (2000). Festschrift for Professor Sir Michael Rutter. Volume I. Research and Innovation on the Road to Modern child Psychiatry. London: Gaskell and the Association for Child Psychology and PsychiatryCarr, Alan
Oct-2006Book review of Linley, A. & Joseph, S. (2004) Positive Psychology in PracticeCarr, Alan
Jul-2004Book review of P. Barrett and T. Ollendick (2003) (eds.). Handbook of interventions that work with children and adolescents: Prevention and treatmentCarr, Alan
2006Book review of: Newnes, C. & Radcliffe, N. ( 2006). Making and Breaking Children's Lives. UK: PCCS BooksCarr, Alan
Nov-2013Book review: An Island's Law – A Bibliographical Guide to Ireland's Legal Past. By William Nial Osborough. [Dublin: Four Courts Press. 2013. 142 pp. Hardback €31.50. ISBN 978-1-84682-416-6.]Mohr, Thomas
1-Jul-2018Book Review: An Unlikely Audience: Al Jazeera’s Struggle in AmericaKovalyova, Natalia
22-Mar-2019Book review: Arends, J. Language and Slavery: A social and linguistic history of the Suriname creoles.Migge, Bettina
1-Nov-2013Book review: Chris Ballinger, The House of Lords 1911–2011—A Century of Non-Reform. Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2012. xiv+249pp., £31.00 (hardback). £27.90 (ebook). ISBN: 978-1-78225-048-7Mohr, Thomas
2012Book Review: Cyberfactories – How News Agencies Produce News, by Barbara CzarniawskaMiscione, Gianluca
1-Oct-2015Book Review: Dynamic Positions in Birth: A fresh look at how women's bodies work in labour by Margaret JovittCurtin, Mary
9-Jul-2018Book Review: Handbook of Culture and Memory by Wagoner, B. (Ed.)Kovalyova, Natalia