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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2008Mature Cynics and Fledgling Eclectics: Instructional Desing for the Net GenerationJenning, DavidCashman, Diane
Aug-2010The Measure of StoneShotton, Elizabeth
12-Jul-2019Measuring and Analyzing Liquidity and Volatility Dynamics in the Euro-Area Government Bond MarketO'Sullivan, ConallPapavassiliou, Vassilios G.
2013Measuring evapotranspiration of hardy ornamental nursery stock: a hurdle for irrigation managementGrant, Olga
1995Measuring the public benefits of landscape and environmental change : a case of upland grazing extensificationBullock, Craig
2012Mechanisms of calcineurin inhibitor nephrotoxicity in chronic allograft injurySlattery, CraigCassidy, HilaryJohnston, OlwynRyan, Michael P.McMorrow, Tara
Dec-2012Mechanisms that respond to reasons : an Aristotelian approach to agencyStout, Rowland
1-Dec-2015Media, Public Attitudes and CrimeBlack, Lynsey
2004Medical Research LaboratoriesO'Donnell, SheilaTuomey, John
May-1997The medicalisation of childbearing norms: encounters between unmarried pregnant women and medical personnel in an Irish contextHyde, Abbey
2013Meister Eckhart in 20th-Century PhilosophyMoran, Dermot
2011Melodrama and the Affective Arts of the Nineteenth CenturyDaly, Nicholas
2013Memory, Perception & IntuitionShotton, Elizabeth
Jun-2012Mental imagery, action observation and skill learningMoran, Aidan P.Campbell, MarkHolmes, PaulMacIntyre, Tadhg
2006Merger control in differentiated product industriesWhelan, CiaraWalsh, Patrick P.Mariuzzo, Franco
2007Mergers and acquisitionsHutson, Elaine
2012A Meta-Regulatory Turn? Control and Learning in Regulatory GovernanceScott, Colin
2016A Metaphysical History of Minoan ReligionPeatfield, Alan A.D.
1-Apr-2016Methods to study plant programmed cell deathKacprzyk, JoannaDauphinee, Adrian N.Gallois, PatrickGunawardena, Arunika H. L. A. N.McCabe, Paul F.
Apr-2016MhicMathĂșna v IrelandThornton, Liam