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    Voice, Rights, Action! Children’s Knowledge about their Rights & Rights Education to Access Justice
    (Children's Rights Alliance, 2022-04-26) ;
    Children’s rights, as established in the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), establish clear and concrete commitments from the governments towards children. This international document that has been ratified by 192 countries, including Ireland, establishes that every child – understood as every person under the age of 18 – has specific rights to guarantee the protections and care needed. Some of the specific rights include to ensure that children are not discriminated against due to their young age, that they are included in all the decisions made on issues that concern them, and that they receive special protection and assistance to guarantee their survival and development.
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    Standard language ideology in an English-medium Irish secondary school: Conflicting perspectives on the discouragement of nonstandard language
    (Equinox Publishing, 2021-11-24)
    The current paper aims to address how one English-medium school functions from the different perspectives within the school: the principal, student/teacher classroom interaction and the students. This approach allows us to see the power differential of the different stakeholders in a school and how iconisation, fractal recursivity, and erasure affect teenagers in Dublin. This paper presents interview data with a principal and the students in a secondary school. Taking a qualitative approach to these data, I show that standard language ideology is linked with economic disadvantage. The school principal’s approach to identifying, problematising and seeking to eliminate certain types of nonstandard language in the school reflects a standard language ideology and is consistent with a raciolinguistic approach to linguistic discrimination. The data suggest that the students themselves take a more nuanced approach.
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    Ability Grouping and Children's Psychosocial Wellbeing - A Matter of Children's Rights?
    Pandemic presents opportunity to bring children’s rights to the heart of decision making when responding to this crisis. Revision of national curricula. Move beyond teaching about children’s rights to teaching how to enact these rights as citizens. Integration of a rights-based approach to the curriculum being taught and the methods being used to teach across the school day. Can we embed a pedagogy of child rights at the heart of teachers’ work in Irish classrooms?
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    Edu-Parenting during Covid-19 - Reflections of a primary-school parent
    (Education Matters, 2021-01-08)
    The pandemic of 2020 has caused a monumental pivot in Irish education, with physical school closures resulting in a shift of responsibility for educating our children from teachers to parents. This article reflects on the challenges and opportunities presented to parents, children, and schools during distance learning and considers how this has redefined our understanding of education and schooling in Irish society.
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    Challenging the Common Room Rules in the 1980s
    (UCD Press, 2019-11-12)
    This chapter tells the story of how the UCD Common Rules were changed in the late 1980s to allow all UCD staff members to join, regardless of their occupation. As membership had been confined to academics and senior administrative staff, this was a significant achievement. After much debate and many meetings from 1985-87, the decision to democratise the Common Room was made at an AGM on March 12th 1987. The meeting was attended by 100 members of whom 77 voted to make to open up the Common Room.