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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Dec-2019From Income Poverty to Multidimensional Quality of LifeWhelan, Christopher T.Watson, DorothyMaitre, Bertrand
May-2020On the term structure of liquidity in the European sovereign bond marketO'Sullivan, ConallPapavassiliou, Vassilios G.
Sep-2019Sovereign bond return prediction with realized higher momentsKinateder, HaraldPapavassiliou, Vassilios G.
May-2016Ireland’s National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) and the British property market: Disposing of crisisMoore-Cherry, Niamh
27-Nov-2017Land Valuations, Market Practices, Pregnancy, Insanity: There's a Jury for ThatHowlin, Niamh
Feb-2019Simulating financial contagion dynamics in random interbank networksLeventides, JohnLoukaki, KalliopiPapavassiliou, Vassilios G.
12-Jul-2019Measuring and Analyzing Liquidity and Volatility Dynamics in the Euro-Area Government Bond MarketO'Sullivan, ConallPapavassiliou, Vassilios G.
Oct-2017How do ideas shape national preferences? The Financial Transaction Tax in IrelandHardiman, NiamhMetinsoy, Saliha
May-2014Textual sentiment in finance: A survey of methods and modelsKearney, ColmLiu, Sha
Apr-2016Media-expressed negative tone and firm-level stock returnsAhmad, KhurshidHan, JingGuangHutson, ElaineKearney, ColmLiu, Sha
2016Technologically captured? How material agency sustains interaction between regulators and industrial actorsFinch, JohnGeiger, SusiReid, Emma
Sep-2016A comment on 'Cross-border merger, vertical structure, and spatial competition'Eleftheriou, KonstantinosMichelacakis, Nickolas J.Papavassiliou, Vassilios G.
Nov-2016Addendum to Eleftheriou and Michelacakis (2016)Eleftheriou, KonstantinosMichelacakis, Nickolas J.Papavassiliou, Vassilios G.
25-Sep-2015Strengthening communities, building capacity, combating stigma: exploring the potential of culture-led social housing regenerationCarnegie, AnnaNorris, Michelle
28-Jul-2014What is Corporate Governance?Brennan, Niamh
Aug-2015A Case of DistortionBrennan, Niamh
22-Jun-2015Reflections on Corporate Governance following Clerys' ClosureBrennan, Niamh
Sep-2015A Concentration of MindsBrennan, Niamh
Jan-2016Accountability Processes in Boardrooms: A Conceptual Model of Manager-Non-Executive Director Information AsymmetryBrennan, NiamhKirwan, Collette E.Redmond, John
Feb-2016Financial SleuthingBrennan, Niamh
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 127