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    Equality : what, who, where?
    (Imprints editorial collective, 2006)
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    What is participatory democracy?
    (Community Workers Co-Operative, 1997)
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    Equality : frameworks for change
    Report prepared for the National Economic and Social Forum for the plenary meeting on January 30th 2001
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    An egalitarian case for basic income
    (Verso, 1992)
    In section 1, I set out a general perspective on the nature of egalitarianism and relate it to some familiar conceptions of economic equality. In section 2, I argue in keeping with the popular notion of equality that it makes sense to think of equal income as a baseline against which departures need to be justified. Section 3 discusses some problems which arise concerning departures from equal income justified by different needs, and argues for a particular approach based on what I shall call a 'background agreement' on need. Section 4 looks at the issue of relating income to work, and tries to construct and defend an interpretation of the idea that income inequalities should compensate people for differences in their work. I argue for a system of 'compensating differentials' based on a background agreement regarding the benefits and burdens of different kinds and amounts of work. Section 5 considers the principles of free choice of occupation and of the right not to work, with particular reference to their role in a system of compensating differentials. In section 6, I show how the case for a basic income follows from the conception of economic equality I have put forward.
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    Reflections on the limits of argument
    (Presses Universitaires de Louvain, 2011)
    It is common knowledge that people’s beliefs are determined by many factors – having a good argument is only one of them. What are the implications of this fact for egalitarian political theorists who hope to contribute to social change? I argue that our arguments may do more to strengthen the confidence of our allies than to change the opinions of our opponents.
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    (Oak Tree Press, 2006)
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    Investigating equality
    (New Left Project, 2010-09-17) ;
    Edward Lewis interviews John Baker.
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    Playing the Language Game Game
    (Philosophy Documentation Center, 1981-03)