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    SParTSim: A Space Partitioning Guided by Road Network for Distributed Traffic Simulations
    Traffic simulation can be very computationally intensive, especially for microscopic simulations of large urban areas (tens of thousands of road segments, hundreds of thousands of agents) and when real-time or better than real-time simulation is required. For instance, running a couple of what-if scenarios for road management authorities/police during a road incident: time is a hard constraint and the size of the simulation is relatively high. Hence the need for distributed simulations and for optimal space partitioning algorithms, ensuring an even distribution of the load and minimal communication between computing nodes. In this paper we describe a distributed version of SUMO, a simulator of urban mobility, and SParTSim, a space partitioning algorithm guided by road network for distributed simulations. It outperforms classical uniform space partitioning in terms of road segment cuts and load-balancing.
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