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    Character Development using Classical Archetypes With Applications to Professionalism, the Actuarial Profession & Sustainable Investment
    (University College Dublin. School of Mathematics and Statistics, 2022) ;
    This PhD, by publication, thesis outlines a novel method of character development based on classical character archetypes that can provide an improved professionalism education for actuaries and other professionals to enable them to provide realistically enhanced professional services that create improved financial and ethical outcomes for them, their clients and for society. This is set out in the first published paper, together with examples of its use in actuarial education, professionalism skills training, and in sustainable investment. A second published paper outlines the theoretical foundation for the use of classical character archetypes, a key element of the novel character development method. And the third published paper shows the outcome of the use of the method to derive superior investment returns and lower risks from sustainable investment, in this case from forestry investment, demonstrating the ethical and financial value added from the character development method.