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    House and Home: Living in Dublin City
    (Irish Architecture Foundation, 2015-09)
    Societal ideas about home and domestic space are de eply inculcated. The familiarity, cultural ubiquity and apparently ‘natural’ character of dome stic spaces complicates our understanding of them, rendering them ‘invisible’ or transparent, bo th to their inhabitants and to those who seek to critically understand them. This means that for ms of housing are always slow to change, even when the nature of society and households have changed dramatically, and fixed perceptions remain unquestioned. The scale of the current housing crisis in Dublin demands a highly imaginative and thoroughly planned response, a complete re-think of our approach to the provision and design of dwellings. This kind o f attempt to reimagine domestic space is inevitably met with strong societal resistance.
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    Dwelling space
    Eglinton Court. Eglinton Court, Donnybrook, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Includes: Text, photos, plans, sections, models, elevs. Intention is to rebuild this 1960s building. This project was at planning stage in 2007.
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    Drawing Rooms
    (Cork University Press, 2016-02)
    This article is an exploration of the role of drawing in the design of Irish domestic space. My ongoing involvement in the practice of architecture and in particular in the design of domestic space at various scales forms a key component of this research. The study will rely on the tacit and embodied knowledge that comes from architectural practice and from the experience of working with pencils, pens, transparent paper and computer programs in realizing a drawing, and the theoretical and practical issues that are generated by the struggle to probe reality and envision domestic life on to a two dimensional surface. The drawings of one domestic project designed by my practice, GKMP Architects, will be used to explore the issues raised. This project, a house designed for my brother and his family, also allows for an exploration of the role of personal history and our previous experiences of home in the design of domestic space.
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    Housing at Pearse Square, Dublin 2
    Pearse Square, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Includes: Text, photos, plans, ill, sections, elevs.
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    Scale and identity in the housing projects of Coderch
    (Routledge, 2012)
    The work of the Catalan architect, Jose Antonio Coderch (1913-1984) displays an intense preoccupation with questions of scale.   The paper investigates the Banco Urquijo project in Barcelona (1972) and situates it in the context of Team 10 and the critical discussions surrounding housing in the 1960s. Coderch explores an intermediate scale in this project, a scale that is capable of relating to the historic city and that ensures that the identity of the individual homes can be maintained within a collective scheme.  The ideas of Team 10 find their most eloquent expression in this work.
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    Common ground : urban landscaping in Kilkenny
    The Parade, Kilkenny, Co Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland. Includes: Text, photos, plans, map. The project involved the reconfiguration of the urban spaces around Kilkenny Castle to consolidate their public function.