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    Soil nailing in glacial till : a design guide evaluation based on Irish and American field sites
    (American Society of Civil Engineers, 2010) ; ;
    The French in-situ earth retaining system soil nailing began in 1970 and benefited greatly from that government’s investment in the 1986 study ‘Clouterre’. As such, French geology strongly influenced both practice and expectations world wide over the past four decades. Yet, recent studies in glacial till, a non-French soil type, have shown significant strength under-estimation using conventionally accepted design approaches. The paper reconsiders skin friction expectations for soil nail installations in glacial till. Installation at three glacial till sites (one American and two Irish) are examined in detail. Traditional British, French, and American de-sign methods and parameters are applied. Conventional methods under-predicted capacity by more than 50%, thereby raising serious questions as to the appropriateness of such design guidelines in glacial tills. New correlations based on pile installation design are proposed.
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